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Who does not love a good game of solitaire from time to time? Traditionally a tabletop game, solitaire is a card game that, as the name implies, takes only one person to play. Being a one player game that be played on the computer with standard 52 cards, the game has caught on as extremely popular throughout the world. The object of solitaire is to create four piles of cards, one per suit, in ascending order.

Sound simple right? Well, remember to build your piles with the aces at the bottom, that is a pretty good tip. Then you want to add the two, the three, the four in ascending order for each of the four suits. Remember, to actually win a game of solitaire, a certain amount of luck is required. Not every game has a winning outcome and that can be both frustrating and addicting. Once you win once though you will be hooked!

There are more forms of Solitaire so if you are having troubles with the Classic version, you can always search for other versions as well. There are many out there nowadays! Have fun, stay patient, and keep trying. Enjoy this great classic solitaire card game.