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Download Windows Live Movie Maker Free

In today's world, it is more common than ever to record your own movies. Digital cameras and camera phones make this extremely easy , and tens of thousands of videos are uploaded onto the internet every week. With the increase in video recording also comes the need for video editing. Over the years, dozens if not hundreds of video editing programs have been released. Some of them free, and some of them quite pricey. Windows Live Movie Maker is notable for both its features and the free price for those who use Windows Vista or Windows 7.

As you first begin to use Windows Live Movie Maker, you will find that the software is fairly easy to use. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can load a movie file and quickly begin to edit it. From there, a few more clicks of the mouse lets you easily cut, copy, and paste any part of your movie that you are working with. Windows Live Movie Maker is very easy to learn, and it also excels at ensuring that the average PC user will have no problem with learning how to edit their videos.

When you look past the basic features, you will also find that Windows Live Movie Maker has a wide range of features for some of your more advanced video editing needs. Windows Live Movie Maker supports adding titles, captions, and even credits to your videos. In addition, Windows Live Movie Maker is able to add pictures into your videos as well remove or add sound. Making a compilation video full of your favorite memories with your favorite song is a snap with Windows Live Movie Maker. Finally, Windows Live Movie Maker gives you the ability to edit the brightness of your videos and also has a wide range of visual effects that you can use on your videos. These visual effects are very impressive, and you will quickly have your friends thinking you are a video professional. That is the true power of Windows Live Movie Maker.