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"Virtual DJ is a free software package that allows to you to create mixes of your favorite music tracks.Virtual DJ offers many features for DJ's including: Remix music tracks using Virtual DJ just like on a physical turntable DJ set up. Interface mimics a DJ turntable setup of turntables and mixers. Calculates the BPM of your tracks for easier mixing. Allows you to save your mixes and burn them to a CD so you can listen to them anywhere. Use Virtual DJ to pitch match, beat match, and level match. Has CD to MP3 encoder feature. Scratch simulator allows you to add scratch effects to your mixes. Includes plug-ins that allow you to add affects to your tracks. iTunes compatible. Compatible with an external MIDI controller.

Using Virtual DJ as your DJing software comes with many benefits including: The home version of this software is free. Because it is free, that makes Virtual DJ a great choice for beginning DJ's. You can try out the software and see if you like Djing before spending any money on more expensive DJ software an equipment. Also, Virtual DJ allows you to DJ without having to buy anything else, so it will save you money in the long run. Less equipment to carry. Instead of having to have a mixer and turntables, you can DJ using only our laptop and speakers. This means you will be more mobile as a DJ. As long as you have your laptop, you can DJ anywhere that has speakers for you to plug into. Variety of features. Virtual DJ comes with tons of features that allow you to do everything on your computer that you could do using a traditional DJ setup. This includes beat matching and remixing. Updated functions. Virtual DJ software is designed to be used only with the computer, instead of integrated with a turntable setup. This makes it more modern than many other DJing software packages. Export your remixes. Since Virtual DJ lets you burn your remixes on your CD, you can get your remixes off your computer and into the world. This allows you to share your remixes with friends, or provide your remixes to a club as a sample to help you get a gig. Virtual DJ offers a variety of skins for the visual interface. You can change the look based on your mood."