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TeamViewer is a well-known, free tool designed for desktop sharing. This tool allows users to quickly and easily set up, and then use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. This type of connection allows one user to completely take control of another’s computer system that is also running TeamViewer, regardless of the distance between them. TeamViewer allows for two-way connections, which means that two users connect via a VPN can control each other’s computers. TeamViewer easily allows connections between computers of friends, relatives, and customers quickly and effortlessly, and with very little technical knowledge needed.

Another fantastic feature included with TeamViewer is the ability to hold virtual meetings with multiple users. Of course, all users must have a copy of TeamViewer installed on their computers. TeamViewer is an enterprise-ready tool and because of its strength and simplicity, is suitable for many users of varying skill levels. It is ideal for long distance office meetings, and also perfect for a skilled home user to provide tech support to a family member. TeamViewer has support for text chat, video, and voice, and has the ability to easily record sessions and transfer giving.

The free version of TeamViewer is a slightly stripped version of the paid program, and does lack a little functionality and a few modules. Nevertheless, it is still the perfect tool for many situations, including fixing small problems or showing someone remotely how to perform a task on their computer. To use TeamViewer, you simply run the program, and ask the other person to also run it. Every time it is run, a unique session number and password are created, which users have to use to gain access to another person’s computer. This means that TeamViewer is extremely safe and secure for use in almost any circumstances. When connected to a remote desktop, users are also able to use the program features such as embedded chat, file transfer, and the ability to record the session.