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Tango is a simple mobile phone and computer app that offers voice, video and text chatting capabilities to its users. The features of Tango are very similar to the features of Skye, another popular voice and video chatting application. You can use Tango via your cell phone or computer to chat with your friends or family members who have also downloaded the application.

Tango allows you to use a phone or computer to talk to your friends via video, voice, or text chat just like your cell phone does. It also imports you contact numbers from your mobile device so you can use them within the app to make calls. Tango offers some options for customization, including different display skins and different ways of sorting your contacts list. In addition to the text, video, and voice chatting features, Tango also offers other features that are just for fun. You can use Tango to play games with you friends, and you can take advantage of free animated graphics to use while you are chatting. On some systems, you can also send Tango "Surprises" to your friends. Tango can also save you money on your phone bill. When you use Tango, you don't use any of your cell phone plan minutes or texts, so you can use Tango as a money saving app, provided the people you talk to on a regular basis are using Tango also. Tango also makes in-app photo editing available, so if you want to send a picture message, you can add a filter first.

Tango is completely free to download and use, but you will have to pay for your phone or computer, of course. Also, you will need either wi-fi or a cellular data (3G or 4G) plan in order to use the application.