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Over the last two decades, the growth in using home computers has also led to a growth in computer games. What was once a rather small industry has now turned into a billion dollar industry where tens of thousands of computer games are being released. With the release of so many games, you will occasionally come across games that are notable both for being fun, and for being really unique. ROBLOX is one such game.

ROBLOX is best described as part Lego's, part MineCraft, and part Sim City. In ROBLOX, you receive a character that you can customize to fit your own style. You are also given land in the game world that you can use to build buildings on. From there, you can take the blocks that are given to you in the game to create the building of your dreams. It's a rather simple concept for a game, and children of all ages will quickly get the hang of how to play ROBLOX.

One of the things that stands out about ROBLOX is that while it is a very simple game, it is also addictive and really gives you the opportunity to work your mind. Being able to place various blocks to create a building sounds easy, but the freedom is there to create extremely detailed buildings that can potentially take hours to build. Kids will find this to be especially addicting, as creating the building of your dreams can require a large imagination, something that kids will often have. If you have children, you may have seen just how much time they will put into building castles with Legos, or building elaborate cabins with Lincoln Logs. ROBLOX takes that concept, and brings it into the 21st century with the same ease of use and the same freedom to build whatever you want. The sky is the limit in ROBLOX, and kids will no doubt have a blast playing this game.